Top Carrom board Players – The carrom board game is one of the amazing indoor games which most people play with precision and passion. Some made careers by being a part of such renowned games through participation in Tournaments and winning the awards and recognitions. Here are some players who made their country proud and won millions of hearts with their talent and expertise.

A. Maria Irudayam

maria irudayam carrom board champion and am amazing carrom board playerMaria Irudayam is among top carrom board players. He was born in Chennai, India in the year 1956 and has won World carrom championship twice and Indian national championship nine times. For his massive wins and great achievements, he was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1996 by the Government of India. In fact, Irudayam has won many international carrom championships. He was a player of Indian team and won many team events in several tournaments.

A. Maria Irudayam - Achievements
ICF Cup1989
US international carrom tournament1996
ICF Cup1997
SAARC Carrom Championship1997
SAARC Carrom Championship1999

S. Ilavazhagi

ilavazhaki world carrom championS. Ilavazhagi stands among top carrom board players, born in 1984 in Tamil Nadu, India. She was also a two time world cup champion. She is one of the talented Indian carrom players to represent the country at the international level. She bagged the world carrom championship and was also a runner-up in the women’s singles final round. S. Ilavazhagi also known as S. Ilavazhaki is an Indian who has twice won the carrom world cup. She is considered as one of the finest carrom players to have represented India at international level from Tamil Nadu state. She won the 2008 Indian Indian National Carrom Championship.


Carrom Board World Cup Championship2008
Runner-up in women’s single2012

Chamil Cooray

His complete name is Chamil Darshana Cooray Bulathsinghalage, is a renowned and top carrom board players from Sri Lanka representing his country since 2004. He was a brilliant captain of the man’s carrom team of Sri Lanka. He has won the World Carrom Championship held in Birmingham, England. Chamil grabbed the sixth rank in the Men’s single world cup championship. He was the first Sri Lankan carrom champion to have won the Swiss World League title and created history by being the only player to win the title twice.

Chamil Cooray - Achievements
World Carrom Championship in Birmingham2016
Swiss World League champion2012
Sixth Rank in the Men’s single world cup championship2012

K. Srinivas

Carrom board superstar K. Srinivas Tournaments Won: 4th Carrom World Cup, Maldives - 2014The Carrom superstar K. Srinivas was born in the year 1993 in the city of pearls (Hyderabad), India. He is one the young and finest carrom player we have seen in the carrom history. His amazing game tactics made him the Indian national carrom champion for which he received an honour facilitated by P. Nirmala (The women’s national carrom champion). He has also won many single and double tournaments held around the world.


  • Tournament
  • 4th Carrom World Cup, Maldives
  • Year
  • 2014

Rashmi Kumari

rashmi kumari Top Carrom board PlayersRashmi Kumari is one the International Carrom Champions who was born in Bihar, India. She emerged as a champion by winning many carrom tournaments held at multiple destinations. She has bagged many carrom championships since childhood and is one of the youngest women players to have won many accolades and hold her name among top carrom board players.


Carrom Boards Tournaments and Championships
Winner: Sub-junior / Junior national at Faridabad 1997 and 2000
8 Times Senior national2004, 2005,2007,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014
1st Malaysia Open1999 and 2000
3rd World Carrom Championship at Delhi 2000
1st World Cup in Luton (U.K.) in 20012001
SAARC Countries Carrom Championship in 2006, 2011 & 2013 at Sri Lanka, Maldives, and India.2006, 2011 & 2013
2nd, 3rd and 5th Asian Carrom Championship at Pune (India), Raipur (India) and Kolkata (India)2007, 2009 and 2013
5th & 6th ICF CUP Carrom Championship at Sri Lanka & Malaysia2008 and 2012
Winner: 6th World Carrom Championship at Sri-Lanka, 2012
Winner 4th World Cup Carrom Championship at Maldives 2014

There are many more players who keep carrom board games close to their heart and continue to play with passion and precision.

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